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About Me

My name is Judy-May du Preez. I established Vividign on a foundation of passion for building vivid and memorable websites that best represent my clients. By paying attention to every last detail in the creative process, I help my clients leave a lasting impression.

I’ve had an interest in web design since a very early age and built my first published website when I was just 14 years old. Since then, I’ve studied and majored in Computer Information Systems. I’ve built websites for resorts, sports centers, bloggers, and many more clients. What differentiates me from others in the web mastery arena is my understanding of the business behind it. I’ve heard countless stories of web designers who designed and published a site, and then stopped all communication. Sad, right?

I’ve cut out the technical details and middle-men by hosting my own server, and I took the management and SEO work into my own hands. This means you don’t have to pay a fortune to have a stunning website.  Ultimately, my goal is to create highly optimized, vivid websites that best help you reach your goals.

Web Design


Web Hosting


Mobile Design



Web Management


What Makes Vividign Different?

  • Receive video updates of your website as it’s being built. Have a say in the process to ask for any changes or additions.
  • I build your site based on what you want. Send me links to sites and features you like, and watch as I put them together into your website.
  • I care. Too many builders end communication after completion of the site. I’m always here when you need me and when you don’t!

My Latest Work

Jimbo On Lanier

Looking for a skilled spotted-bass fishing guide on the gorgeous Lake Lanier located in scenic Georgia? Jimbo’s your man. He’ll take you on a trip you’ll never forget!

The Blue Bicycle Bistro

The Blue Bicycle is a chef owned and operated bistro that focuses on providing a place to relax, reflect, and rejoice in the company of your favorite dining companions.

Supermaster Kim Martial Arts

Specializing in traditional Taekwondo and Judo, Supermaster Kim is a martial arts studio located in Cumming, Ga. The studio carries a true family-friendly atmosphere where the instructors and athletes encourage each other to reach their goals.

Web Packages

Have any questions about the packages below? Feel free to contact me!

Ready For Your New Website?

What’s Included?

I do my job, so that you can focus on yours. Let me take care of the details.

Website Architecture

I know how important a business is to its owner. Therefore, much thought goes into the construction, design, and functionality of the website that will be representing you or your business.

Visual Design System

Web design is a form of art. Vividign was based on the idea of “vivid design.” Using high-quality photos and videos, the sites are created with the goal of catching and holding the audience’s attention. Is your style modern, minimal, old-school? No matter your taste, together we can make a memorable site.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a key for gaining site traffic. Through optimization, your site will gain a larger audience searching for content relative and aimed toward your site and products.

Content Strategy

Strategic placement of your content is vital. I’ll discuss with you the importance of each aspect of your business to ensure that the website content is placed based on priority.

Mobile Friendly Wesbite

These days, many people are surfing and scrolling through websites on their mobile devices. This means, mobile friendliness is a crucial must-have. Sites built by Vividign are compatible on all mobile devices and maintain an equally vivid design regardless of screen size.


Lifetime Updates & Support

Many site builders offer a year of support, but let’s be real, that’s silly! I like to form a more personal relationship with my clients and am here to support them at all times! Whether it’s with your site, your business, or you’re just looking for someone to grab a coffee with, I’m here anytime.

Have an awesome project idea in mind?

Web Design

Leave a lasting impression through vivid design.

Communication is key. This is an important virtue for me in all my work. While I’m building your dream site, you will receive updates, screenshots, and screen recordings of the site as it’s built! Constant collaboration means you’re never left in the dark.

Website Architecture


Visual Design


Content Strategy


SEO Optimization


Desktop Versions

All Vividign websites are built with HTML, PHP, and CSS coding. Whether you have a template you’d like to see your site built with, or just a vague idea of the design and features you’d like, we can make your dream-site a reality that works flawlessly on all screen sizes. This way, your site remains beautiful no matter where you are or what device you’re using!

Mobile Versions

After completion of the desktop version, the sites are optimized to fit all mobile devices. This includes phones and tablets. The sites are ran through multiple tests to ensure quick speed and mobile-friendliness.

Need A Refresher?

Ready to get started on your dream site but need a refresher on the packages offered? Take a look one more time, and feel free to contact me with any additional questions!

What Are Others Saying About Vividign?

“I recently hired Jay to totally redesign my website. She embraced the task immediately with amazing resolve and dedication. I was very impressed with her organizational skills and commitment to communication through the process. I found Jay to be very hardworking, dedicated, talented, creative, and authentic in pursuing her craft on my behalf. It felt like she treated my project as her own, which is very special and hard to find in this day and age. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Jay for any web design or management needs you may have. And she hosts on her own server as well!  No question, she is the best web designer with whom I have had the pleasure of working.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Jimbo Mathley

Pro Angler, Fishing Guide, Jimbo On Lanier, Jimbo's Lake Lanier Spotted Bass Guide Service

“I’m very happy with my website! Very impressive work. Fast loading speeds and an eye-catching design. Jay matched my every need and want for my website.”

Duke Kim

Martial Arts Studio Owner, Supermaster Kim Martial Arts Academy

Let’s Build Something Amazing Together!


How long will it take Vividign to build my website?

This completely depends on the website, amount of content, and whether it’s already being hosted on another server. Build time typically ranges from one week to one month. On average, most sites are completed within three weeks.

Do you create e-commerce websites?

Yes, I do! Whether you’re selling virtual or physical products online, all sites are possible. Vividign supports a multitude of payment methods to make your clients’ checkout process effortless.

What does "managing" really mean?

Although modern technology is quite advanced these days, it’s still not perfect. A large portion of my management time is spent on ensuring that your site has regular backups of all things including the sitemaps, images, content, animations, links, etc. I also ensure that all themes and plugins are up to date with the latest and most secure versions. I won’t let your site become outdated, and I’m also constantly checking for ways to improve your site traffic.

What if I already have a site that I would like redesigned?

That’s not a problem at all! I’ll manage the whole process of transferring the domain and hosting to my server. I can then either import your existing website, or rebuild it to your liking. Nothing is impossible!

How can I be sure my site is getting visitors?

After completion of your site, I will be enabling google analytics on the dashboard of your site. This way, we can keep up with the demographics of your site visitors. We can check where they are visiting from, what pages they visit most, and how much time they spend on your site and specifically which pages. These statistics are used to improve your site each month.