Who is Jay?

Grab a cup of coffee… this story isn’t so short.


Well, let’s begin with my real name. My name is Judy-May du Preez. As my story unfolds here, you will discover how I obtained the name “Jay.” I was born in Pretoria, South Africa. My parents decided to move our family (mom, dad, two older brothers, and me) to America in 1999 in search of a safer environment and more opportunities for me and my brothers. Although my brothers and I were brought here as kids, we grew up with Afrikaans as our home language and with the same hobbies and life-style as we would in South Africa. I’ve been blessed with a strong and supporting family who has served as a role model for me all my life. Growing up with two older brothers, I always strived to do the same activities as them. Eventually, this led me to a spot next to my brothers in a Taekwondo studio. Here, a whole new journey would begin.

The beginning of my Martial Arts journey

I originally started Taekwondo just for fun as an activity I could do with my brothers. 2 years later, my studio shut down. I spent 1 year doing basketball and 1 year of no sports. Although my brothers had moved on to other things, I couldn’t shake my love for Taekwondo, so I enrolled in another studio. I’ve remained at this studio for over 10 years now and have seen instructors come and go and a new owner take over. I’ve now been working as an instructor at this studio for over 4 years and have acquired the name “Master Jay” from my students. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t be one of those instructors that just comes and goes like the wind. After about 14 years of Taekwondo, 4 years of Judo, and hopefully many more years to come for both, I’ve set a bigger goal and dream for myself. I’d like to open my own martial arts studio.

Why did I begin web work?

Out of this goal, came my opportunity in web mastery. I’ve been interested in web design since I was 10 years old. I built my first website when I was 14 years old, and have since built websites for resorts, sports centers, bloggers, and other business owners as well. I originally entered college to obtain a degree in business management. I thought this would be most useful for opening my studio. However, one thought kept bothering me.. I don’t like business. Crazy, right? How can you be a business owner if you don’t like business? Well… When I own my own martial arts studio, my biggest fear is that I’d view my students as my source of income. I don’t want to view them as money. I want to teach for passion and passion alone. Therefore, i decided to combine my two passions: web design and martial arts. I studied a lot and began to run my own server. I taught myself all about web hosting, management, and design. I changed my major to CIS (Computer Information Systems) and spoke to countless people about all topics in relation to websites. Finally, with the help of endless books, articles, tutorials, teachers, late nights, really great supporters, and a God who answered my prayers, I’ve gotten to where I am today and established Vividign LLC.

So this is me…

SO.. Here I am. I currently hold a 3rd degree Black belt in Taekwondo. I will be aiming for my 4th degree in 2019. I am close to obtaining my black belt in Judo. I am working on a degree in CIS. I have a loving family, great friends, the best martial arts instructor I could ask for, a pup who I love dearly, and a God who is always watching over me. I work for passion. I love my web mastery work, and I love martial arts. This is my story, and it is still far from finished.


“If a man does his best, what else is there?”

-George S. Patton


TKD Tournament

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