DIY Website Builder or Hiring a Designer… What’s Best?

– What Are DIY Website Builders?…

DIY (Do It Yourself) builders are becoming more common these days as business owners try to find ways to get results with less expenses. Perhaps one of the most popular builders these days is WIX. While I’ve never used WIX before, I’ve visited a few sites created through WIX that I agree looked pretty nice. Another one I applaud is Square Space which is optimized in even more sectors than WIX. These DIY website builders give business owners an opportunity to build their own website with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Users simply pick a theme and replace the text with their own text and photos with their own photos.

When I first started web building, I used Website Builder, also a DIY builder, which is owned by Go Daddy. I was amazed at the simplicity. I bought my domain with them. The domain is the “www. ‘your company name’ .com” portion. Then I picked a theme, and dragged and dropped from there. I could complete the site in one day if I truly wanted to. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well… as a wise man once told me, if you pay only a bargain price, you will receive a bargain product. I’ve mentioned only the pros about DIY builders. Curious about the drawbacks? Keep reading…

Your website is the identity of your business. How much effort do you put into your image and identity? What if you put the same effort and time investment into the identity of your business? That can’t be ignored.

– So How About Web Designers?

This is where you need to be careful. I understand that when I chose to become a web designer, I wasn’t jumping into a field with the best reputation. Why? For the exact reason why I started. I heard so many stories of designers who stopped communication with their clients when communication was desperately needed. So, I started to take their place with communication being my key. If you find a designer who cares about your business and site as if it were his/her own, then you’ve found a key to your business success as well. With a good designer, and even better, a WordPress platform, your website’s possibilities are endless.

With WordPress, there are infinite themes and plugins being developed to enable unimaginable features for websites. These are things you can’t find on drag and drop builders. Even better, with a good designer and WordPress website, there is more control over the optimization of the website for search engines, multiple devices, performance, speed, etc. With DIY builders, you can only edit the look of the site. Not the performance. That’s the biggest point. A pretty site is not enough if it doesn’t show up on search engines to be seen and bring you customers.

– So Who Wins? DIY vs Designer

For how long do you plan to have a website? Most likely your answer is not just for one week. Your website should represent your business for the life of the business, right? Of course, the site should be updated and upgraded and have fresh content weekly. If you leave a site after creation, google will think it’s outdated and spit it out on a page no one goes to. So… my suggestion is this. If you want to invest in a nice site that performs well, then find a great designer. WordPress is a bonus. If you are hesitant, then there’s no shame in beginning with a DIY builder. But I can tell you this… Unless your business is only temporary, more often than not, business owners wish they had invested in a descent website sooner. Performance matters.

DIY Website Builder


Low Initial Cost

Easy To Use

Looks Nice


Usually Higher Monthly Cost

Limited Capabilities

Not SEO Optimized

Decreased Performance

Web Designer


Expert Advice

Looks Nice

Performs Well

Easier For SEO

More Possibilities

Web Designer Handles Maintenance


Usually Higher Initial Cost

Need a Trustworthy Designer

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