We Call Him a Fishing Legend…

– He Knows What He’s Doing…

You haven’t met a fishing guide like Jimbo before… There are numerous striper fishing guides on Lake Lanier, but Bass Fishing guides are more of a rare finding. My family is a huge fan of fishing in general, and my sister in-law gave my brother the opportunity to fish with Jimbo as a birthday gift. My brother of course returned that day with a huge smile and rambled on and on about what he’s learned and everything we’ve been doing wrong the past years of fishing. We couldn’t call it just another fisherman story, because he brought us photos to prove his success on the water. Keep in mind, my family jumps in excitement when we catch one bass that weighs maybe 1 or 2 lbs. The bass my brother caught with Jimbo, however, that was a record breaker for him…

“Our time on and off the water has impacted my walk to manhood. Besides the influence he has had on my life, he flat out knows how to put you on fish. He is the reason why I am hooked on fishing and I have caught an innumerable amount of trophy spotted bass in all times of the year.”

-Will Moore

– So How’d I Meet Jimbo?

When you go on a trip with Jimbo, it’s not a silent one. Jimbo is known for being a great entertainer. He’s typically described with words such as “class-act, great host, patient teacher, courteous, gentleman,” etc… So as you can guess, he’s great at keeping conversations going and forming relationships with the folks he teaches. During my brother’s trip, Jimbo mentioned that he needed some help with his website, and my brother was a team-player and recommended me over to Jimbo. There, our relationship began, and I had no idea what I was in for! Jimbo is truly a stand-up guy. The plan was for me to help him, but little did I know how much he would help me as well. He’s one of the most selfless, enthusiastic, and caring people I’ve ever met. I like to form relationships with my clients and care about their progress and goals in life, and Jimbo is the same. Some people live on the saying, “business is business.” But Jimbo is living, breathing proof that you can do business but put heart and courtesy behind it.

– Got a Bucket List?

Hopefully, by now you’ve got the idea of what a trip with Jimbo is like.  It’s one thing to explain it and another to experience it for yourself. I can’t reveal all of his tips and tricks on here, since that is not in my property, but even if I did, that’s similar to giving you a virtual-reality roller coaster, instead of you getting on the real ride. It’s a completely different experience. Not just for the fish. But just get out there and meet a great guy with great stories to tell. That’s what I remember most about Jimbo.

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